From Chennai Central to the World Cup!

It was a random evening when Ganesh received a call and an email from Confirmtkt, and it changed his life.

The winners of Confirmtkt’s quiz had travelled to Chennai Central, to begin their experience on what what going to be the most exciting train journey of their life.

Beginning with boarding, we had the Bharat Army cheering for Team India, and pumping everyone up for the journey at 6 AM.

Here is where you can see the entire train journey as covered by famous YouTuber @INDIAN RAILWAYS FAN CLUB -by SATYA

He covers the wonderful journey from start to finish, with all the food and activities that everyone experienced on the train. We had an emcee on board to keep everyone’s enthusiasm up and a musicians creating tunes to put everyone in great spirits. That’s what a journey on a train is all about right?

Shortly after breakfast, @AdhriJoe started off a party with his amazing music! You can check out the song Bloom Blue, coming soon

And who can forget our favourite Rammurthy Avare teaching the youth how to really be on a train, Coming soon.

The @BharatArmy raises the energy with the winners, and we all pull off some cool kottu moves on the Shatabdi Express






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